GibSams is a Gibraltar charity registered with the Gibraltar Charities Commission (Reg. No. 285). Our trained volunteers operate a confidential freephone helpline (#116123) and chat service from 6 pm to midnight every day of the year.

The purpose of GibSams’ helpline (#116123) and chat service is to support anyone experiencing any general emotional distress to reduce the number of suicides in Gibraltar. GibSams also seeks to alleviate unhappiness, loneliness, despair and depression by listening to anyone who feels they have nowhere else to turn.

GibSams’ dedicated and trained volunteers who make up its Listening Service Team listen to callers to help them without judging them. GibSams’ trained volunteers are non-political and non-religious. They do not try to impose their personal beliefs or convictions on anyone; they simply listen.

The fact that someone has been in contact with GibSams via our helpline (116123) or chat service is strictly confidential. GibSams’ trained volunteers treat the contents of any call or chat with absolute discretion and confidentiality. Some callers and chat users prefer to remain anonymous – and that’s fine. The phone calls and chats cannot be traced and will not show up on any records.

GibSams also offers other services to Gibraltar, such as its Awareness and Outreach Programme. This programme seeks to raise awareness of GibSams’ helpline and chat service, and the mental health-related concerns and issues across all community sectors.

Our annual Corporate Wellbeing Recognition Awards recognises the participants who have successfully implemented positive changes to benefit their employees. Please contact us at to request any assistance or information on behalf of your organisation concerning the annual Corporate Wellbeing Recognition Awards.

Any donations made to GibSams are solely used to either help raise awareness of GibSams’ services or fund the improvement of GibSams’ services, including, but not limited to:

a. the specialised training by qualified professionals of GibSams’ volunteers;

b. the operational costs involved with GibSams’ freephone helpline and chat service (whilst the volunteers who make up its Listening Service Team are non-remunerated, there are inherent ongoing costs involved with the operation of GibSams’ freephone helpline and chat service); and

c. costs related to the advertisement and promotion of GibSams’ services and Awareness and Outreach Programme events.

GibSams is a trading name of Befrienders (Gibraltar) Limited, a Gibraltar company limited by guarantee with its registered address at 57/63 Line Wall Road, Gibraltar. The directors and trustees of GibSams are non-remunerated, as are all of GibSams’ volunteers.